Shop for your shape?!

Trying to figure out what #body type you have is challenging, I hear ya! The descriptions given never totally describe my current body shape either. I always hope the picture of the model will help explain dressing instructions or further educate me on what shape I’m most like but leave frustrated.

Less overwhelming & more straight forward, yes, let’s…

Wish you had slimmer hips?

  • *Wide leg pants, bell bottoms, & boot cut jeans are your friend. Why? The width of the hem creates a balancing act. These type pants draw one’s eye away from your hips. 
  • *A-line dresses and skirts love you back. Why?An A-line dress flares out, smoothing over hips. An A-line skirt focuses on what’s usually the smallest part of your body, your waist & again flares out, smoothing over hips. Click to see examples, we recommend the black, teal, olive, tie dye, ribbed knit A-line dresses.

Want to slim hips & midsection?

Would love to hear from you. Until next time,


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