#Top 5 #Closet Must Haves...

I’m praying ShaynasBoutique.com goes live tonight! My vision is to bring wardrobe solutions and encourage you to wear what makes you look & feel good. Dressing for your body type can be tricky but it’s 100% doable. We’ll dig deeper soon. For today, let’s check our closets, making sure we have the ‘must haves’ this season.


Everyone who didn’t dress themselves in the 60′s & 70′s are over the moon about wearing fringe. It’s a lot of fun to wear! It looks amazing on everyone - it can be very slimming & it’s an attention getter. I’ve seen some resistance from those who’ve already “…worn the fringe back in the 60′s & 70′s.” Ok I get it, however, it doesn’t make it less in #style or look less fabulous. Wear a piece or two with a small amount. Fringe can be found on purses, vests, jackets, skirts, #booties - our website has super cute, black booties with fringe for only $32.99. Moms to teenagers are wearing these with everything. It doesn’t get any cuter than fringe this year! 

#Tie Dye

It’s back & it’s “tie-dye for” in all colors & patterns. I’ve seen some awesome tie dye long tunics, vests, & dresses. Our site offers a plus size, shark bite style tunic in a black, grey, cream tie dye pattern & a plus size dress in a pretty, dark blue, cream tie dye pattern. Yes, everyone can wear tie dye. There are many age appropriate patterns & tone on tone colors help.


Camouflage is best worn as a neutral. You can’t go wrong w/ camo pants, #leggings & t-shirts. I love a black tunic dressed up or down w/ the right jewelry, over camo leggings (on our site) or camo joggers pants that have a true waist band & a band at the ankle (also on our site). Play w/ different colored, solid tops. Hot pink, Red, Rust, Brown, & olive are super choices paired w/ camo.

#Sharkbite #Tunics

Shark bite shirts have also been called handkerchiefs or asymmetrical tops. They literally look like a shark took a bite out of the front & back, leaving the sides longer. These are super fun to wear & look slimming w/ the long lines on each side. I’m barely 5′2″ & take advantage of pieces that appear to ‘lengthen me’. You can literally do anything w/ these tops. Wear them over jeans, shorts, jeggings, leggings, skirts etc. Put a fitted long sleeve, turtleneck etc. underneath for extra warmth. Pull a scarf over the top, layer w/ jewelry, wear a vest or cardigan over them. Endless possibilities!

#OverTheKneeBoots (OTK)

YES shorties can & should wear these! Try them on, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the look. You can pull these off. Again, I’m barely 5′2″ & always on the hunt for slimming, lengthening pieces to add to my wardrobe. These type of boots give an appearance of mile long legs. Our site has the prettiest taupe, suede pair I’ve seen in years. They’re $40.00 & in very limited quantities. Wear them under dresses & over thin leggings & jeggings. These can also be flipped down under the knee for a different look. OTK boots are instant attention getters, statement pieces. I recommend having a shoe repair shop ‘water proof’ them before wearing to extend their life. You can hug me when you see me next ;)

Please share your feedback. I want to hear your thoughts on what we’re offering etc, if you’re looking for specific pieces, I’ll help you find them. Eager to hear from you. We want will offer contests for gift certificates for those who send in questions, suggestions and pictures wearing our pieces!

To God be the glory,


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