Shayna's Boutique

Flavored Cocktail Sugar 4 - 5 Servings per Package

Shayna's Boutique

$ 4.99 


Rim your beverage glass with our flavored sugar = Cheers!

Only 30 calories. Only 9g total carbs, 8g sugars, best used within three months of opening.  Store in a cool dry place. Made in the USA 

Every cocktail deserves a little bling so add some sparkle and glamour to every cocktail. Made w/ 100% pure cane sugar infused w/  aromatic elixirs, edible flowers and gold dust. 

Direction: cut a lemon or orange and gently rub the edge of the glass. Then pour sugar into a plate or rimming dish and spin the glass til edges are prettily coated, garnish and enjoy.